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Executive Coaching For Women

Many people love their job but they know deep down that they are not living up to their full potential. They want to achieve success, but they are unsure how to break through to the next level.

If you can relate, or if you are frustrated in your current job, then it's time to take action, because you are capable of and deserve unlimited success.

I can help you develop strategies for achieving your most important goals with my executive coaching services. You will improve your leadership skills, gain more confidence and be more influential. I'll make sure that you stay on track and reach your full potential by helping you overcome obstacles and build new skills through accountability sessions, one-on-one meetings, goal setting exercises and more! Wouldn't it be better to reach your goals in months rather than years?

develop strategies that will allow you to overcome these obstacles and achieve success professionally, personally and socially!

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Leadership Coaching

Finding a coach that will help you reach your goals is tough. Especially if you are an achiever and want access to someone who has been in your shoes.

Diane’s Empowerment Coaching program was created by one of the world's leading experts in psychology and human performance, Brendon Burchard, who has worked with millions of people from around the globe, including Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins!

Our coaching program will help you get results faster by teaching you the latest neuroscience-based frameworks from the world's best coaching program so that even people who don't consider themselves leaders can still learn these skills and become more effective at work or their own businesses by being able to manage stress levels, build self confidence, deal with difficult conversations more effectively and develop productivity habits which will lead them towards success both personally and professionally.

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Executive Coaching For CTO’s, SME’s, And Technical Leaders

Burnout is a serious problem in the tech industry. It can lead to depression, divorce, and even suicide.

​​As someone who has experienced burnout first hand during a 20+ year career as a geologist & business owner while also being a single mom, I can assure you that burnout can be prevented.

The only way to avoid burnout is through proper strategies to balance work and life. If you are not taking care of yourself then you will not be able to succeed at work or home!

I know this sounds a little dramatic but it's true--if we don't take steps now our happiness at home or on the job could be gone forever because there were too many days where all I did was feel stressed out from trying so hard just to get everything done...but guess what? We CAN rise above those feelings if YOU want them bad enough with some help from me :)

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Empowerment Life Coaching

Most people do not have the clarity and confidence they desire to make a significant change in their career. However, they are able to feel when it’s time for a change.

You may be one of those people who are looking for that next step, but you don’t know what it is or how to take it. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your current job because you feel unfulfilled by your work, but aren’t quite sure what else is out there for you. Or maybe you are so dissatisfied with your job that no matter how much money or time off someone offers you, it just isn’t enough to get yourself motivated to go back into work on Monday morning. If this sounds like where you are right now then I can help!

I am an Empowerment Life Coach who has helped individuals just like yourself find clarity and confidence about their future career path through my coaching programs.

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Life Coaching - High Performance

You have big dreams and goals, but life might be getting on their way. 

The reason why you can't reach your potential is that you're stuck in survival mode. Your mind is worried about the next problem instead of focusing on creating solutions for what you want in life.

Life Coaching from a high performance coach will help you get out of survival mode so that you can focus on thriving! It's time to thrive with a coach who has helped people just like yourself create breakthroughs and live their best lives yet! Our proven coaching methodologies will help anyone gain clarity, overcome fear and self-doubt, manage stress levels, build confidence and become unstoppable! Let us show you how we've helped others take massive action towards achieving their goals so that they can finally start living the life they were meant to live.

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Life Transition Coaching

Life is full of transitions and changes, but we often feel lost when facing these challenges. 

Transitioning in life can be a difficult process, especially if you aren't sure what to expect or how to handle the uncertainty. It's easy to get stuck in your thinking and lose sight of what’s possible for you. You may even find yourself feeling like it's impossible to succeed again.

We offer unique life transition coaching programs that will help you identify and achieve your goals during any transition in life—whether its career change, divorce recovery, starting over after a tragedy or loss, etc., our strategies will help you become more confident about the future ahead of you!

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