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I am Diane Emond. I am a certified high performance coach and consultant whose mission is to help individuals unlock their full potential and succeed beyond their dreams, and yes, THRIVE! 




By mastering the pillars of High Performance

 What does that mean? I help you:

  • Gain the clarity you need so you have a clear vision of where you need to go

  • Discover how you can have more physical, emotional, and mental energy,

  • Improve your productivity by forcusing on what is really important instead of a long list o to-do's,

  • Find the courage you need to be your authentic self, stop playing safe and go after what you really want.

  • Increase your influence with loved ones and in your career so you can get people to support your ideas and your dreams. So you can go from the invisible hardworker to the leader you truly are.

  • Develop the right mindset to forge ahead and leave behind the BS (belief systems) that no longer serve you.

Are you ready to UNLEASH your  POTENTIAL and live a more purposeful life?

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Every person is unique and has specific needs.

Choose the coaching program that works best for you. 

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Are you are a HIGH ACHIEVER but you are frustrated because you haven't reached the level of success you dream of yet?

You know that you want MORE, you are CAPABLE OF MORE, but you are not clear on what that is?

You've got the goods to be an incredible LEADER but your skills are not being recognized?

Would you like to have greater INFLUENCE with the people in you life, but you're not sure how to do it?

Are you driven but struggle to maintain BALANCE in your life? 

This 12-week program is a PREMIUM program consisting of 12 ONE-ON-ONE sessions with additional  resources and support. 

As a Certified High-Performance Coach, I help you DIG DEEP and get the RESULTS you want FASTER.

You explore all aspects of your life and are CHALLENGED in many ways to achieve the BREAKTHROUGHS you need to reach higher levels of SUCCESS.

Intake for this program is limited, so if you feel READY to unleash your potential, book your FREE STRATEGY CALL today.

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Are you looking for that next step, but you are not clear what your purpose is?

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your current job or you have been a stay-at-home mom and looking to get back to work but unsure what is next for you?

Are you going through a major change in your life and want to feel alive again? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed at times and need help keeping you life in balance?

If this sounds like where you are right now then I can help!

The SHE THRIVES  is my signature group coaching. I help  program women gain more CLARITY around their purpose,  and gain more SELF-CONFIDENCE so they can have the COURAGE to speak authentically and do the hard things they have been shying away from, and avoid the pitfalls of burnout. 

By mastering the fundamentals of high performance, mindset coaching and positive psychology, you will have the tools necessary to THRIVE AND EXCEL in all areas of your life. 



My journey from scientist to women's coaching

Prior to becoming a Certified High Performance Coach (TM), I had a successful career as a geologist. 

I have a unique perspective and can relate to many women. 

You see, I became a single-mom within 2 years of starting my career. I went through a major burnout in my early 30's.

There were few female mentors. There was no roadmap. I had to figure things out on my own- define what success meant to me,  create my own path, MY WAY. So I get it!

I am driven to help other women succeed because I know what it's like to go it alone, and it's not easy, nor is it necessary.  

As high performing women, whether in a corporate environment or in business, we are constantly breaking barriers, challenging the status quo. But sometimes we can second guess ourselves. 

Having your very own cheerleader, your coach, to guide your as you push through all that is standing in your way, is a secret weapon. 


If you look at the statistics, women are still promoted at half the rate as their male colleagues. Women a under-represented on corporate boards. Systemic bias is pervasive in many industries. 

Many executives I met during my career benefited from executive coaching. One of the most inspirational CEO's I had was coached for 10 years.

Small business owners face their own set of challenges, such as being taken seriously, dealing with imposter syndrome, dealing with the stress of running and growing a business, lack of social support, and  balancing business and personal life.

Many succesful business owners I know invest in their own development and hire a coach to help them achieve success.

So.... you have a choice.

You can ,wait for organizations and governments to catch up and equalize the playing field...

You can go it alone and hope for the best,

OR you can take matters in your own hands and work with me to help you crush your goals.

Book a FREE strategy call with me and let's see if this is for you.

Motivational Speaker

Client Testimonials


I worked with empowerment coach Diane Emond during the summer of 2020 as I navigated a difficult life transition. Diane has the almost uncanny ability to see things a different way, to see things that others don't She also had the courage to ask tough questions and challenge my thinking. She is one of the most caring people I know. The three things in combination, plus her great sense of humour make her a terrific coach. I felt supported and cared about, yet challenged at the same time, and we laughed a lot along the way. Perfect for me! Working with Diane helped me first see, then reflect, then have the courage to make necessary changes in my assumptions and patterns in my relationships, my work, and life. And I feel like I've just begun. One year later, I have more peace, more grace, more confidence and more resilience. Empowerment is a great word and Coach Diane truly did that for me- working with her has been truly life changing.

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